Web Data Collector

Omni channel data capturing



Fuel for advanced analytics - raw data

Whether you're planning to personalize your online experience or automating your omni channel dialogue, the one thing you need is data.

However, not all data is the same. It needs to be fit for the purpose.

Houston's Web Data Collector (WDC) is a data collection platform developed by analysts to analysts - providing you a structured, granular level data from all digital customer interactions.

Another advantage of WDC is its price, which can be as low as a third of the competitors'.

Web Data Collector fuels real-time interaction and personalized service

Web Data Collector – is a cloud-based SaaS solution for capturing data from multiple channels with a tag-based implementation.

WDC is a complete web analytics platform that allows businesses to capture, store and analyze granular customer-specific and event-level data.

It can even detect micro-social networks giving you the means to embrace natural networks of individuals.


Scalable data collecting framework

WDC is easy and quick to install, configure, run and maintain, resulting in record-time deployment into production.

Data privacy (e.g. GDPR), transparency and ownership requirements have been a core design requirement from start. With WDC you own the data, and the data collection technology (end-user-facing technology) is open source for maximum transparency.

WDC is a scalable data collecting framework that consists of 3 separate areas:
  1. Snowplow open-source data tracking framework on the frontend
  2. Proprietary scalable cloud-based backend framework built on top of AWS infrastructure
  3. Raw data output and BI integration-ready

Interested what's under the hood?

Download the WDC data sheet for more details