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The curse of rule-based workflows


Customer journeys, workflows, triggers.

The entire logic of marketing automation is built upon companies’ point-of-view, aiming to classify customers with static rules, and segment them more precisely to buckets created by companies themselves.

The same rule-based workflows are the root-cause for marketing automation failing to deliver the promise of automation.

Target groups, triggers and static rules are all designed, implemented, updated and optimized manually. The entire process is manual and labor-intensive. And still missing the mark of being customer-centric.

Armstrong One boosts your marketing automation solution with automatic demand-based scoring. It not only removes the manual work but brings customer to the center. 

Using individual behavioral and purchase data it liberates your entire marketing automation from reactive rule-based workflows, and shifting it to dynamic demand-driven triggering.


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Why your personalization efforts can never be personal enough 


Personalization as a term is quite revealing. You’re tailoring generic messages to fit customers herded in static and generic workflows.

Nothing is genuinely driven by customer-demand.

Nothing arises from individuals with individual needs.

Armstrong One treats your customers as the individuals they are. Based on an individual’s behavior it’s enriching your CRM to create better customer insights and triggers relevant dialogue. Just when the individual needs it.

"Performance improvement was instantaneous. It really goes to show how important it is for people, your customers, to receive relevant communications on a timely basis. It’s what they want – and the conversion rates speak for it."

Johanna Kuosmanen

Digital & Customer Experience Director, Kotipizza Group

Up to 9.6x better performance

Armstrong One automates your customer dialogue to individuals at all stages throughout their customer journey.


You choose the tool, Armstrong One brings the intelligence 


Armstrong One SaaS service works with any modern marketing automation solution through a solid API.

Automating your marketing automation solution it:

Removes the time-consuming manual process with workflows

Enriches your CRM to support all marketing and sales activities 

Improves relevance via demand-driven personalization 


Increases Customer Lifetime Value with dynamic demand-driven triggering 

Continuous learning and dialogue optimization by AI


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