Understand the value of your customer relationships and grow it with automation of marketing automation 

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Understand and grow the value of your customers


Armstrong One guides you to grow the value of your customer relationships with scenarios - best next actions with their forecasted values against business KPI’s. ​

Scenarios are created with readymade Customer Journey Modules that work on individual customer level, giving you a clear understanding of their needs. Scenarios deliver segments and forecasts with monetary values which you can act on e.g. cross-sell potential or churn risk.​

What is the best next action and what kinds of results can you expect? ​

Armstrong One knows.​

Armstrong One - best next action platform

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Armstrong One is the best next action platform. Armed with your data it tells you what type of customer segments you have, what's the potential of those customer relationships how to, grow the value of them – and helps to make it happen on a customer by customer basis.

Armstrong One is the best next action platform. Armed with your data it tells you what type of customer segments you have, what's their potential and how to grow the value – making it happen on a customer by customer basis.

Capture the value potential via personalized customer dialogue​


Today's customers don’t want to be treated as segments or personas but rather as individuals with individual needs. And they demand their needs to be catered to. This requires a lot of resources.​

Armstrong One Customer Journey Modules create a segment-of-one, which automate your communication actions on an individual level. Deliver right message, at the right time on a right channel without an army of resources. ​

We call this automation of marketing automation.​

Armstrong One knows.​



See how AI changes your workflows

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"Performance improvement was instantaneous. It really goes to show how important it is for people, your customers, to receive relevant communications on a timely basis. It’s what they want – and the conversion rates speak for it."

Johanna Kuosmanen

Digital & Customer Experience Director, Kotipizza Group

Up to 8x better conversion

Armstrong One helps you to automate customer dialogue with pre-built Customer Journey Modules for all stages throughout the customer journey.

Acquire and attract new customers and subscribers 


Serve and nurture for updating a dialogue


Retain and win-back to fight churn

Armstrong One dialogue modules are designed with a one-to-many focus. Simply put: you can communicate to a large audience with the personal preferences and individually optimized content for every recipient.


Here are the results for an online specialty retailer and the comparative performance indexes of Armstrong One automated dialogue modules for different touch points of the customer journey:


You choose the tool, we bring the intelligence 


Armstrong One SaaS service offers pre-packaged marketing dialogue modules for any modern marketing automation tool through a solid API.

The dialogue modules help to automate marketing automation solutions and take care of the following laborious manual tasks:

Optimized scoring models and segmentation rules

AI defined personalized target groups, triggers and workflows 

Automated handling and synchronization of marketing permissions  

Automated content creation to each channel and template 

Continuous tracking, analyzing and process optimization


Webinar: How to utilize Artificial Intelligence in marketing

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Your fast track to creating a Segment of One




Customer data and marketing automation platform




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Frequently asked questions



What is Segment of One?

Our approach with a "segment of one" means that you can focus on the customer by building engaging brand and delivering superior service and happiness for customers at all stages and touch points. The smarts of the Armstrong One ensures that right message is delivered at the right time via the right channel to your customer.

What does automation of marketing automation mean?

The promise of right message, right channel, right time is the aim for marketing automation. It requires a lot of work: defining and designing target groups, agreeing on triggers and algorithm parameters etc. As target groups become more granular more manual work is typically required to keep messaging relevant.

From marketer’s perspective, here’s what Armstrong One automates:
On planning and data science perspective, you don’t have to spend time on segmentation, scoring models or customer relationship planning. Once you’ve uploaded the modules that deliver most value and you’ve integrated all data sources, AI automatically handles scoring, RFM models and decisioning.

You don’t have to define target groups, triggers nor workflows. AI calculates the content, time and channel optimization for customer engagement on an individual level.

You don’t have to create content manually to each channel. Automatic content delivery design engine uses website, ecommerce and blog content to personalize the message to a customer with content she wants.

Also, no continous tracking, analysing and process optimization since AI continuously learns from channels, timing and content optimizing the messaging on an individual level.

All this means that your existing marketing automation will be automated (so you don’t have to go through the tedious manual labour) and supercharged (so you’ll deliver better performance).

How does this automation happen?

In a nutshell, it is delivered via Data management, Predictive analytics as a process, Optimization as a process, Omnichannel content management, Omnichannel condition management, Omnichannel logic, triggers and flows, Omnichannel delivery infrastructure, Behaviour tracking – and it’s a Cloud solution, fully managed & supported.

True, a long list of buzzwordy… words. Yet all of them play a crucial role in the Armstrong One solution.

What are the modules in Armstrong One?

Armstrong One has three different modules levels:

Attract modules: Personalised permission capture, Welcome programme, Category interest, Abandoned basket and Personalised newsletter.

Grow modules: Transactional recommendation, Purchase satisfaction, Out of stock, Back in stock, Anniversary, Product replenishment, New product model / collection, Related product / accessory, Share of wallet / cross sell, Local & personalised newsletter, Birthday
and Bargain hunter.

Retain modules: Net promoter score, Win back offer, Profile survey, Family survey, Repermission and Service reminder.

What marketing automation tools is Armstrong One compatible with?

In short – any.

Custobar and Hubspot have existing integrations so they provide the fastest track to automating your marketing automation.

Salesforce Pardot, Oracle Eloqua and other do not have existing integrations. However, depending on their API’s, the integration is not that huge of a project.

How much does Armstrong One cost?

Armstrong One has a Software-as-a-service model. It has a monthly price per module for customer journeys and pricing depends on contacts (unique, identified customer with an email address, or phone number).

Pricing starts from 350EUR per month per module (for 25 000 contacts).