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We package, optimize and tailor solutions and services for predictive analytics and knowledge driven management.

Houston Analytics is a leading European provider of advanced analytics skills and solutions.

We are partners with global technology vendors and niche solution providers and are often called in to develop high value, novel analytics solutions for major projects.

We excel not just at data science, but at delivering the results of analysis as fully operational, automated solutions. Our vertical solutions embed analytics seamlessly into our customers’ business processes, delivering improved outcomes and increased returns, one decision point at the time.

With the help of Houston Analytics, our clients are able to benefit from the full capabilities of advanced analytics and AI without the need for an army of data scientists.



In 2017, Houston Analytics’ expertise was recognized by American market research company Forrester.



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What differentiates us?

We’re not just “data science geeks”; we take an “industrial” approach to developing robust repeatable analytical processes and automating those to deploy fully operational solutions.

We apply our methodology that supports all stages from initial understanding of needs and opportunities to operational deployment, with an emphasis on integrating business knowledge.

Collaborative approach:

  • We team with customers and partners to develop and deliver solutions, leaving them equipped and enabled to support these solutions and take them forward with further development
  • We are happy to work as “Houston inside” mode: our services and processes adding value to partners’ projects and offerings

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Inspired to get started on your analytics journey, but not quite sure how?

The answer is the Cross-Industry Standard Process for Data Mining, known as CRISP-DM. This model has been proved to be agile and very successful in bringing analytics and AI to production in a business-oriented and systematic way.

Houston's Chief Strategy Officer Colin Shearer explains this approach further in the video.

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