Industrial Sector and IoT

Leveraging data & analytics to improve asset reliability, availability and efficiency

Smart Machines, Smart People and Smart Processes working together

Picture it: ships sailing with radically smaller crews and lower risks of human error; computers monitoring weather conditions to optimize routes; smart maintenance services predicting and preventing faults and failures. This can be achieved already today.


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Situational awareness applications

Advanced Analytics solutions enable us to design and build situational awareness applications which constantly monitor and assess the environment, selecting,  prioritizing and triggering optimal actions on an ongoing basis. 

Digital twins of the vessels help to identify and prevent quality issues,  eliminating defects before process or safety is at risk. 

Predictive alerts can be created for the digital supply network, highlighting issues and potential problems for  response and service teams to address.


Continuous monitoring of critical assets

Sensors and connected devices are quickly becoming the industry standard. This opens enormous opportunities to create intelligent systems and processes which are run, monitored and managed in an automated environment.

Anomaly detection models can be applied to historic data to learn patterns of normal behavior,  then  employed in operational monitoring to flag situations where behavior is abnormal.

Service portals give operators quick and easy access to fleet management data, creating real-time visibility for enhanced safety and productivity.


Preventive maintenance for critical components

True predictive and prescriptive analytics use all available data - current and historic streaming telemetry, environmental data, usage data, inspection and maintenance reports, and more - to accurately and robustly predict failures and their risk at a specific point in time. 

Systems based on predictive and prescriptive analytics can be configured to learn continuously. As new data becomes available, representing emergent failure modes due to changes in the operational practices or environment, the models are constantly updated. This closed loop approach is the basis for continuous improvement.


IoT Solutions Platform for delivering intelligence at industrial scale

Our IoT Solution Platform contains pre-built advanced analytics workflows that encapsulate the acquisition, processing and modeling of data. The infrastructure used to orchestrate and automate the workflow runs as an independently deployable and scalable service in any environment, on-cloud or on-premise.

The pre-built workflows offer businesses a huge productivity asset, a shortcut to low hanging fruit and a springboard towards the long-term efficiencies of mastering the whole data and analytics value chain.

The IoT Solution Platform enables service designers to rapidly prototype IoT solutions, powered by the efficient pre-built workflows, and leverage comprehensive continuous integration and continuous delivery tools to build, test, deploy, and operationalize  solutions with enterprise grade security, availability, compliance, and manageability.



Customer case


Valmet is the leading global developer and supplier of technologies, automation and services for the pulp, paper and energy industries.
The company has over 200 years of industrial history and in 2018 had net sales of approximately EUR 3.3 billion. Valmet’s vision is to become the global champion in serving its customers.

Transformation into services business

Valmet has a need to develop a services business by supplying instruments which  offer predictive capabilities, allowing customers to gain more effective use and value from their equipment and strengthening their relationship with Valmet.

The goal for applying analytics to Paper Machines was to develop maintenance models that estimate the lifetime of  consumable components with improved accuracy, and optimize overall operation to increase production.


”We are expanding our service portfolio by increasing new technology where analytics comes into picture. We are a pioneer at global scale in that field.

"Thanks to Houston’s state-of-the-art approach, we have successfully and rapidly recognized objectives and developed analytical solutions together.”

Pekka Linnonmaa Director, Valmet Technologies

Pekka Linnonmaa foto

Delivering Intelligence at Industrial Scale


Improved predictability
Applied advanced analytics in critical decisions affecting Paper Machine operation. With this approach, Valmet have managed to decrease the risk of  unplanned shutdowns.

Output optimization
Valmet has gained significant savings in the direct costs of operating paper machines. As an example, the lifetime of roll covers has been increased by 20%.

Better customer relationships and up-sell opportunities
Valmet sells high technology components to its customers, and advanced analytics as a service offer great benefits for the clients. 

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