Maximise the Impact of Promotion Decisions

How collaboration between human and AI gets things done fast, effectively, profitably

How to maximize the effectiveness of your promotions with Trade Promotion Optimizer


AI optimization automatically selects the right combinations of promotional products and promotional price points to maximize your goals, and makes campaign planning quicker, easier and more effective.

Houston Analytics’ Trade Promotion Optimizer (TPO) is an AI driven, service platform for Retailers and Suppliers to remove guesswork from their promotion planning offering to improve customer satisfaction. 

Trade Promotion Optimization (TPO) provides users the possibility to create scenarios that optimize the campaign suggestions and product sets to use for a certain campaign or campaign period. The forecast and optimization models calculate the most suitable alternatives and campaign selections within a predefined timeframe. 

Example use cases for Trade Promotion Optimizer 


Call for Proposals: CfP's with specific campaign definitions. Either a one campaign for a specific period and specific category or product family or several campaigns can be defined to one scenario. TPO calculates different alternatives and suggests the most appropriate products or set of products (product family) maximizing margin, revenue or volume, that fit the campaign targets.

  • Set campaign specifications and targets
  • Create scenarios to calendar
  • Evaluate, tune, re-run, accept


Season Optimization: Campaign optimization for a longer period.  Selection of one-to-many chains, campaign types and campaign themes. TPO calculates different alternatives and promotions and suggests the most appropriate campaign promotions, maximizing margin, revenue or volume, that fit the selected period, and which are within the range of defined campaign type and campaign theme rules.

  • Set specifications and targets for entire season (margin, volume, revenue, …)
  • Select product categories and / or product families chosen for optimization
  • Create scenarios created to calendar, modify or compare
  • View campaign scenarios as a campaign calendar
  • Evaluate, compare, tune, re-run, accept

TPO framework


Key benefits of the Trade Promotion Optimizer


With promotion optimization you can:

Build sales, volume or profit through optimal promotion offering


Save time and maximize efficiency of campaign planning decisions

Improve the Consumer’s perception of variety with offerings interest coverage

Offer right set of products with right discount prices to mazimise the sales, volume or profit


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