Discover all the insights throughout the employee lifecycle

People Analytics Platform unlocks the true potential of your workforce data. Try the online demo now.


Create a single source of truth for all your questions and use cases


It's time to discover new and valuable people analytics insights across your organization - and scale it. The People Analytics Platform integrates and automates your disparate data sets and forms a synchronized data model that you can use to unlock powerful insights.

People Analytics Platform - Houston Analytics

With People Analytics Platform you can create real value through automation of analytical processes and scaling your practice to the next level


People Analytics Platform connects seamlessly with the disparate HR systems and data sources, forms a synchronized insight-ready data model and integrates with your preferred BI and analytics solutions your organization is already familiar with, like PowerBI, Qlik, Tableau, Oracle Analytics Cloud and IBM Cognos.

Automate standard reporting processes

Free up your HR analysts’ time to value-added work

Enable true forecasting capabilities

Get actionable insights to proactively target actions where they matter the most

Feedback the insights to operational systems

Optimize processes and support decision-making

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Easy, customizable, and built for scaling and automation


People Analytics Platform is managed as-a-service. You don’t have to bother IT in order to get things up and running.

Choose your preferred BI and analytics tools

Use pre-built dashboards to move quickly

Customize your dashboards and analytical views

Enrich data model with additional data sources

Automate standard reporting processes

Readiness for next generation forecasting and optimization capabilities

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Validate HR’s impact to business decisions through data


Stop relying on gut-feelings and assumptions – let the insights of your data to guide your decisions.

Easy access to relevant people data and KPI’s is provided to managers and business directors through the same BI systems they are already using to explore their business KPI’s. Role based access can be used to limit access only the data points they have right to see.

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A straightforward process for getting started


1. Setting the foundations for analytics

We synchronize your structured and unstructured data sources together to form a unified data base.


2. Applying synchronized data models for reporting and analytics

People Analytics Platform implements structures and logic between various types of contextual workforce data, making it ready for advanced modelling and visualization.

We provide role-based access to employee data ensuring that different users have access rights only to the relevant details protecting privacy of individuals.


3. Automation

Automating the synchronized data feed and insights from pre-built dashboards to your preferred BI tools, data science solutions and end-user systems across your organization serving all your people analytics needs.






 Try the People Analytics Platform online demo right now

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Transform people analytics to business outcomes

Welcome to an inspirational, interactive and educational Webinar where Nokia, together with Houston Analytics, will share how to harness the power of People Analytics to drive change.

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Frequently asked questions


What is the People Analytics Platform?

Houston Analytics’ People Analytics Platform will put complex HR data into shape by combining different structured and unstructured data sources together. Insight ready data model allows you to capture all relevant phenomena through the employee lifecycle and identify relevant trends and connections that exist between the various data points. You can use it with your organization’s preferred BI tool.


What are the benefits of the People Analytics Platform?

It automates standard HR reporting processes enabling HR analysts to focus on more value-added work.

Used with the BI tool your organization is already familiar with you can prevent unnecessary costs and training – and share the insights and KPI’s with other parts of the organization like finance and business management.

With synchronized data base and data models you can flexibly add additional data sources to increase your analysis and forecasting capabilities.

Also, when you feed insights back to operational systems you can optimize processes and support decision-making.


What kind of technical capabilities does my organization need to deploy this?

No IT needed is the premise. The solution is managed as-a-service.


How does the People Analytics Platform differ from for example basic cloud platform?

Cloud platform is like a storage whereas the People Analytics platform creates a synchronized data base that – together with the data models that come with the platform organize the elements of data and standardize how different data points relate to one another.


What are the basic pre-built data models?

Data models are the “smarts” behind any analytics. They organize the elements of data and standardize how they relate to one another making analytics scalable.

See the online demo to discover what types of reporting and analysis the pre-build data models enable.


Can the dashboards be customized if we need some specific insights or analytics from our workforce?

Absolutely. Houston Analytics' data scientists and HR experts can help you to create basically any type of reporting, analytics and forecasting models.


How is data privacy managed?

Role-based access to employee data will ensure that different users will have access rights only to the relevant details and protect the privacy of individuals. 

As an additional feature, the People Analytics Platform extended with a GDPR solution that lets you efficiently manage information requests to personal data.


What core HCM solutions are supported - can I flexibly add data from other sources?

All modern HCM solutions such as Workday, SuccessFactors, Cornerstone and Oracle HCM are supported. You can add any data source – engagement surveys, assessments, WFM, CRM, financials, safety, weather…


What BI tools is the People Analytics Platform compatible with?  

The most common BI tools like PowerBI, Qlik, Tableau, Oracle Analytics Cloud and IBM Cognos Analytics.  Basically any BI tool can be integrated.


Can you do workforce optimization with the People Analytics Platform?

People Analytics Platform itself does not do that however  the synchronized data base such as this is prerequisite for optimization. Houston Analytics' WFM solution gets you covered when it comes to workforce management and optimization.