Location, location, location.

Combining location intelligence with advanced analytics and AI


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Benefits & use cases:

  • More accurate market potential view for strategic planning
  • Deliver credible sales forecasts by each category for new store openings
  • Optimized store assortments based on local demand
  • Create improved means to analyze and manage existing store network performance
  • Generate marketing efficiency through direct marketing distribution optimization

Making Data and AI work for you when selecting feasible store locations and their concept planning.

Houston Analytics’ store and service network optimizer (SNO) helps businesses set up the right size and kind of services or physical stores for each specific area, with focus on demand and profitability.

With the help of Store Network Optimizer businesses can optimize their store assortments driven by local demand, removing guesswork and gut feelings from network management and new store location planning. 


The Power of Location

Roughly 50 % of a store's sales comes from its neighborhood. The remaining 50 % comes from customers whose daily commute takes them past the store.



Combining the Science of Where with Machine Learning

The leading geospatial solution providers provide interactive maps typically enriched with available local customer demographics, competitive presence, access to supply chains and more. 

Houston Analytics takes these powerful approaches even further by applying our advanced modelling and predictive analytics expertise. As a result, our solution can provide unprecedented insights for our clients.


How it Works

Our solution is always customized based on prioritized customer needs and locally available data. 

Local demographics data typically includes population structures, education levels, income categories, consumption styles, household sizes, competitor presence and more. For modelling the impact of local demographics on store performance, we also use information on existing store performance.

All data is geographically mapped and synchronized to form a detailed information base for analytical modelling and forecasting. This allows us to model phenomena of interest at high accuracy and for the information base to be updated over time. 

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Typical use cases include:

  • Market potential analyses and scenario planning for management

  • Intuitive interactive maps for operational decision makers

  • Performance analyses and dashboards for existing store network


Driving strategic growth with advanced analytics

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Client need:

Tokmanni’s strategy was to expand its existing store network. 

To make informed decisions, they needed the ability to analyze the market potential for expansion strategy and pinpoint the most profitable locations, effective store sizes & recommended local assortment to support profitable growth.

Houston Analytics' Store Network Optimizer solution for Tokmanni

  • Created detailed data model as a basis of the work, including demographics, purchase behavior, existing store network sales performance and competition data

  • Applied advanced analytics to analyze Tokmanni’s existing store network and how their performance is affected by demographic data and nearby competition

  • Pinpointed most prominent locations for new store openings, delivered recommendations for their assortment and forecasted sales

  • Visualized results using virtual maps for easy-to-use, understandable presentations

Tokmanni results