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The Analytics Journey - from data to information to knoledge-based management - Houston Analytics

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Ongoing digitalization changes business area boundaries, value chains, and business processes, but it also offers a limitless amount of new possibilities. It creates data clouds that expand continuously and hide a great amount of unused capital. By redefining this data it is possible to boost the performance of current functions, or conversely, to find completely new business models. 

The core of this book is analytics and knowledge-based management. The narrative runs from the source of data through its analysis and refinement processes to the possibilities of knowledge-based management. The practical operational environment of analytics is thrown open with business forerunners' interviews that tackle the changes of digital revolution. 



“Digitalism is just a tool to fit with the customer’s everyday life, not an absolute value. In order to fulfill the customer’s needs, you have to know your customers and to understand the value of the whole lifecycle”

Miika Malinen, Chief Digital Officer, pet store Musti & Mirri


“Digitalism changes value chains and enables both new services and service providers to enter the market. In this book, several current topics have been woven together to an understandable package. Whether it is about customer economy, receipt row information, or omnichannel market basket analysis, the interviews and authors’ backgrounds offer excellent examples to consider. Your organization hopefully already has a named section or a person to take care of the validity and the refining of information for business use.”

Sampo Päällysaho, Managing Director, Clas Ohlson Finland 


“In the baking industry, you can clearly see the change from industrial economy to customer economy. It is no longer enough nowadays to have the right product at the right place at the right time, but you must know what sort of bread and how much the customer wants to buy tomorrow. The Analytics Journey has a good architecture for the structure of knowledge-based management and the methods to proceed. The book describes in a simple way how to receive the most significant pieces of information for business-use from huge amounts of data by utilizing analytics. 

Olli Salmivaara, Logistics Director, Vaasan Group 

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