Don’t chase your next deal. Just follow the potential. 

Turn your CRM into a sales planner revealing your customers’ real potential for up-sell, cross-sell, and new business opportunities 

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Where the growth comes from


Smart sales leaders lead with action plans towards the biggest opportunities and support the team to reach its goals.

However without the insights nor opportunity sizes from your existing customers, all you’re left with is hunches and best guesses which initiatives would have the biggest impact.

Salestronaut turns your CRM into a sales planner revealing your customers’ real potential for upselling, cross-selling and new business opportunities.

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Upsell and cross-sell potential driving the goals, direction and activities for sales


Knowing the real potential of your existing customer base makes it easy to set feasible goals for sales, manage your resources and steer the teams’ activities.

Using your customer, product and sales data Salestronaut calculates the upsell and cross-sell potential of your entire customer base.

You can dive into the potential from different perspectives. 

Business listing takes your category or business unit point-of-view, listing all the customers and their potential. 


Business listing-1


Sales potential guides sales management to steer the resources and activities in order to achieve the biggest impact.


Sales potential-1


Current clients and upsell potential take the customers’ point-of-view. It tells what type of customers you have, what industry they are in, and what is each industry's overall potential. You can dive deeper into sub-segments and home in on individual customers.


Current clients and upsales potential


Market potential driving sales and marketing activities in new business acquisition

Knowing your existing customers helps to identify the most prominent new business opportunities.

Using your existing customer data Salestronaut models lookalike audiences to match the key characteristics – and calculates their sales potential.

The new customer hunting view shows all your potential customers by industry, segment and by individual customer with the sales potential. 


Salestronaut - New customer hunting view


Modern customer data platforms collect an extensive amount of data making it challenging for sales to recognize the best opportunities. This is where a tool like Salestronaut truly excels and brings value.
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Aleksi Lehtola

Chief Growth Officer

When Customer intelligence is the fuel for growth the results makes sense. With Salestronaut it is actionable and clear.
Käännekohta konsultointi Toni Keskinen

Toni Keskinen

CEO, author

Understanding the sales potential per company and having visibility to the market are key enablers for sales organisation to succeed

Lauri Heiliö

Country manager

    Salestronaut helps you to lead sales and support your sales team to reach its goals

    Set viable goals based on identified potential 

    Steer sales efforts to bigger opportunities

    Support sales team with actual customer potential knowledge

    Improve the impact of new customer acquisition

    Increase transparency in all levels of your organization

    ROI visibility in sales and marketing investment planning

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    Frequently Asked Questions  


    What is Salestronaut? 

    Salestronaut is a data-driven tool guiding sales management to lead and support the sales team to activities with the biggest impact. It reveals your customers’ real potential for upsell, cross-sell and new business opportunities.


    What are the minimum data requirements?

    The data needed to get results for cross/up-sell to existing customers and potential of new customers includes Customer data (CRM), Sales data (with product/offering category) and Product data (category level). 

    This is further enriched with External data sources. Vainu data is recommended in Finland and in the Nordics but also other similar data providers will do. 


    Can Salestronaut data model be enriched with other data sources? 

    The data model is extendable so other external data fields can be added from internal or external sources for example market shares, EBIT, weather, location data, news, and other triggers . 


    What is meant with potential?

    Upsell and cross-sell potential refers to the net potential for current customers. New customer potential is the net potential (=gross potential) for companies that are not current customers. 


    What technologies have been used as part of the solution?

    Salestronaut uses IBM SPSS modeler, SPSS modeler server and SPSS collaboration & deployment services for building, running and automation of advanced analytics workflows and data modelling. Microsoft Azure and Power Platform is used for delivering a stellar user experience through PowerBI and Power Apps.