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 Transform your POS data into actionable insights


How do my products sell in various sales channels?

Which product categories should I focus on in which sales channels?

Should I budget more for in-store promotions and sales support – and moreover – where?

Your Point-of-Sales data hides answers to these everyday questions – and is capable of guiding you in your sales management decisions.

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Make smart easy. Create value through automation of POS analytics and enjoy the results of data-driven decisions.

Improved insights

Less manual work frees up more time for analyses and insights

Easier sharing

Easy to access, easy to read, user-friendly visual reporting to share in the organization

Fewer mistakes

Automation means less manual work and less room for human errors

Your data

The data is stored in the database making it possible to combine and enrich with other data sources and utilize historical data with analytics


A solid database enables sales forecasting and other advanced analytics

An experienced team

A dedicated team with wide experience of working with POS data at retailer and manufacturer sides

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How POS analytics works 

How POS analytics works - Houston Analytics.001

1. Data synchronization
Setting the foundations for analytics. We synchronize your data sources together to form a unified data base. All Point-of-Sale data is synchronized and historical data stored for further analytics. Data can be enriched with internal or external data sources, such as product data, statistics, your marketing and promotions data, customer behavior data like web and social media, locations data, weather and so forth.

This is all done by Houston Analytics’ experts so don’t have start learning analytics.

2. Applying synchronized data models for reporting and analytics
Structures and logic between POS data is implemented, making it ready for advanced modelling and visualization.

3. Reporting in your preferred BI tool
Automating the synchronized data feed and insights from pre-built dashboards to your preferred BI tools, data science solutions and end-user systems across your organization serving your analytics needs.


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Frequently asked questions




What data does POS analytics require?

POS data from sales channels is the bare minimum. In practical purposes sales reports in CSV format that you get from for example Kesko or S Group in Finland.


Do I have to have analysts or data scientists in my team?

Nope. POS analytics is delivered as a service. Houston Analytics experts will do the heavy lifting and get you started. 

Should you need more advanced analytics, forecasting or optimization, Houston's experts can help you with that as well.