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Delivering Intelligence at Industrial Scale


In a world where most “data science” consists of one-off, hand-coded analyses that never go beyond the prototype stage, Houston’s approach takes predictive analytics and world class optimization to the industrial level, delivering analytical processes which are created, run, monitored and managed in an automation environment.

This creates solutions that run to scale without human intervention, are modular and easily extensible, and integrate easily to add advanced analytical capabilities and “machine intelligence” to other systems.

We work across industries in numerous application areas, where we package, optimize and tailor solutions and services for predictive analytics and knowledge driven management.


Retail Z

Improve efficiency and performance in retailing with intelligent demand-based optimization

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Industrial Sector and IoT

Leveraging data and analytics to improve asset reliability, availability and efficiency. 

Solutions in this area include Intelligent Automation, Process Optimization, and Predictive Maintenance

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Expertise as a Service

Bring in the relevant skills and experience of Houston's team to plan and execute new projects, and improve and optimize approaches taken on current projects.

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Workforce Management

Unlock the value of your workforce by adding predictive analytics and advanced optimization intelligence to your existing WFM solution and process. 

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People Analytics

Discover all the insights throughout the employee lifecycle, automate standard reporting processes and enable true forecasting capabilities.

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Media and Marketing

Artificial intelligence powered solutions for managing customer marketing, optimizing advertising and media purchasing.

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Custom Solutions and Applications

Have a unique challenge / application area? 

Don't panic. 

Houston can co-create a solution that's just right for you.

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AI-Powered Decision Optimization Solutions

Houston's approach is focused on delivering operational solutions: we are experts in creating, packaging and automating analytical processes which run continually with minimal human intervention.

W leverage our experience to provide a range of solutions that can be delivered as pre-packaged services for smaller clients, or serve as the basis for tailored, globally scalable solutions for larger clients with more demanding requirements.


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