Webinar: WFM optimization beyond AI

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  • What's AI? What can it do? And how does it affect WFM?
  • Optimization Beyond AI - Learn what’s the difference between a feasible solution and optimal solution generated by true optimization capabilities
  • Case Study
  • Q&A/Panel discussion

The advantages of applied data science and mathematical optimization are infinite and if used correctly, it can align your workforce in powerful ways, unlock new possibilities to maximize employee productivity and engagement, gather stronger ROI, and create better work environments and process efficiencies.
During this webinar, Quinyx’s and Houston Analytics’ experts will demystify and concretize how applied data science and optimization capabilities can greatly augment your WFM process. You will learn what’s the difference between a “feasible” schedule that is simply compliant with set rules and a truly “optimal” schedule that will uncover the full potential.





Pauli Dahlbom
Head of Workforce Analytics @Houston Analytics Ltd

Sammy Walton
Product Director @Quinyx

Fabricio Oliveira
Senior Optimization Advisor @Houston Analytics / Assistant Professor of Operations Research @Aalto University in Helsinki

Watch the recording