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Hello there - This is Houston calling!


We are on a mission to industrialize analytics and power the businesses of today and tomorrow. 

From retail to heavy industries, from automated customer dialogue to predictive maintenance and workforce optimization - we have the opportunity to create faster, more accurate, better and more efficient ways of solving real world problems. We deliver solutions that make a difference. 

Our work revolves around data, the application of cutting edge data science and technologies ,and development of custom solutions combined with deep domain and business process knowledge. We like working closely with our clients as well as collaborating with our network of trusted partners who help us to deliver on our mission.

Now, the reality is that the more talent from diverse backgrounds we have, the more we can accomplish together.  What matters most to us is having a team of like-minded people sharing our ambitions and values who aren't afraid to push the boundaries of what's possible. 


That's where YOU come in!

We love people with big ideas and bold goals who together form a winning team. We work hard, collaborate constantly, laugh and have fun, lift one another up, and challenge each other without fear. 

We love those people to the moon and back!

So, what drives you?

Please tell us about yourself and join our team to make a difference!

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Behind the scenes

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Our hiring process in a nutshell

Apply & Share with us your interests and skills

First we need to get to know each other a bit!

Please apply to an open position or tell us what you'd like to work on and we'll start from there.

Review & Interview

We carefully review all our applicants and consider their potential match with our open positions. 

Steps vary by role, but typically include a combination of interviews by different people and relevant technical assessments. 


If we believe we could be a great match together and the fit and timing are also right for you - we'd like to make you a job offer and discuss the necessary details. 


Working as a Houstonian

At Houston you'll be part of the community, able to enjoy inspiring and challenging work with stunning colleagues.

We hire diverse people with ordinary and extraordinary backgrounds - capable of bringing distinctive points-of-view to our daily work. 

We always seek to listen our employees' personal preferences and ambitions. Collaboration, creativity and innovative thinking are all rewarded with extra responsibility, a variety of new challenges and job mobility, as well as a performance-based bonus scheme.



We believe the best perks are the stunning colleagues and the amazing projects we get to co-create with our clients.

Beyond the great colleagues and exciting work, here are just a few examples we're using to strengthen our inspiring work culture and boost the wellbeing of our employees:

• Flexible working times & locations
• On the job learning opportunities
• Bonus program
• Health insurance
• Lunch benefits

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Interested in considering us as your next career move?

Brilliant - we're always looking for amazing new people to join our team! 

Please take a look at our open positions below, or share with us what you're good at and perhaps we can jointly create a position that is a great fit for us both! 

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