Assortment in Space 

AI-native optimization for store-specific assortment

How space management meets store-specific assortment

A winning assortment starts with understanding the customer and changes in the demand. But how do you link assortment decisions to unique, factual store spaces? 


Welcome to Assortment in Space, a modular Software-as-a-Service built from ground-up as AI-native to optimize both Assortment and Space. 


Algorithmically driven space planning and virtual store design by store

In retail space management matters space matters. Our tools help you to map out your retail space down to a shelf-level in every single store and digitalize it. Here's how – and why.


Module Creator helps you to create a library of modules used in your stores.

You can add more detailed information about module structures. 

Floor Planner uses existing blueprints as a basis for computer vision algorithm to create floorplans.

Modify metadata parameters such as brands and product categories to shelf modules

What's a Digital Twin? It's actual store, digitalized, visualized. Digital Twins are used in planning, analytics and implementation purposes: your strategies and tactics are visualized so your personnel in-store know exactly how to shelf goods.


AI-native optimization for store-specific assortment

Unlike with other industry solutions, the AI-native Assortment Optimizer puts you in command. You give the rules and AI automatically creates optimum assortment. Twice in fact. 

First, based on your emphasis to sales or profits, AI uses an enriched set of transactional and research data to suggest optimal assortment.

Second, based on your space management rules, facing order requirements, stacking rules or other space management tactics, AI uses an enriched set of transactional and research data coupled with factual space data for an optimal assortment to both location and space. 

The result is always mathematical optimum meaning there's no better solution under specified rules. Moreover, the result is automatically turned into a Digital Twin so the store personnel knows how to implement your plan.


Centralized approach to store-specific assortment optimization 

Digitalizing your retail spaces and applying holistic analytics lets you take the centralized approach to store-specific assortment optimization. And your benefits?

Optimized Assortment

  • Short Term: sales and margin uplift by optimizing the products to each stores' assortment
  • Long Term: process and tools to minimize the time needed to assortment work frees up time to innovative category development

Optimized Space

  • Short Term: more sales by minimizing out-of-stocks and optimizing rotations

  • Long Term: macro-level space planning to optimize store space to further maximize sales and customer satisfaction

Improved Procurement

  • Short Term: optimizing Net Working Capital via narrowing the long tail of SKU’s
  • Long Term: by better view on store coverage and utilization of customer demand improves the negotiation power

Assortment in Space is comprehensive Category Management system

Arming your team with AI-native tools delivers you: 

Easy access to real-time data

  • increased speed to data & analytics
  • new insights, innovation, and more fact-based decisions
  • support continuous learning and agile working culture
Increased focus on category strategies
  • a deeper understanding of category dynamics & trends
  • possibility to create optimized strategic scenarios


Increased capability to manage store universe

  • capability to store all category & space management data, tactics and rules in one easy-to-access place
  • faster decision-making and execution
  • visualization of strategies and tactics on store level