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Marketing management solution powered by AI

AIROMI is an advanced AI platform for marketing media intelligence, modelling, optimization and media purchase execution. It's designed for businesses that want to take control of and gain an unfair competitive advantage from marketing actions with:

  1. Actionable insights from marketing activities
  2. Forecasting and optimization scenarios for investments
  3. Automated execution for media investments

The market is already saturated with traditional "dashboard"-type solutions, which simply visualize different marketing-related metrics without adding intelligence from advanced predictive analytics or scenarios for improving decision making accuracy.

For actioning the results of AIROMI's recommendation engines, we've built automated media purchasing  and optimization processes for all major media. This ensures that we're capable of effectively executing changes in marketing investments, channel choices and their timing.

AIROMI is a result of a collaboration of two companies - Houston Analytics and Omnicom Media Group. Read more about our solution at AIROMI websites (in Finnish) 


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We automate Marketing Automation for any Marketing Automation platform.

To enhance marketing efficiency and effectiveness, Houston Analytics combines the magic of Predictive Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, with the power of omni-channel marketing automation platforms. 

To make marketing automation truly effective requires eliminating the manual work usually associated with: 

  • Planning and data science (segmentation, scoring models, CRM planning)
  • Defining target groups, setting triggers, creating workflows
  • Content creation
  • Continuous tracking to improve process

Read more about our Marketing Automation toolkit.

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