Manage and optimize marketing investments with AI

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Half of our marketing is waste of money. We just don’t know which half.

The old adage holds true – even today.

The market is saturated with dashboard-type solutions that visualize different marketing-related metrics without adding intelligence from advanced predictive analytics or scenarios for improving decision-making accuracy.

For C suite interested in their marketing investments, marketing RROI or viable scenarios of improving it the mystique of marketing is still overwhelming.

Meet AIROMI, an advanced AI platform for marketing media intelligence, modeling, optimization, and media purchase execution.  

“The machine-learning platform enables the utilization of the results of actual campaigns in a completely new way. Combined with our own value-based segmentations model, we believe this will bring a new competitive advantage to our business.”

Minna Cousins


Take control of and gain an unfair competitive advantage from marketing actions with Airomi

Actionable insights from marketing activities

Forecasting and optimization scenarios for investments

Automated execution for media investments

For actioning the results of AIROMI's recommendation engines there’s built-in automated media purchasing and optimization processes for all major media. This ensures that you’re capable of effectively executing changes in marketing investments, channel choices, and their timing.

AIROMI is a result of a collaboration of two companies - Houston Analytics and Omnicom Media Group.



Markkinoinnin johtamisen webinaari - katso tallenne

Miten markkinoinnin päivittyvä mallinnos ohjaa koko markkinoinnin prosessia ja tuo kilpailuetua (in Finnish only)



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Utilize customer insights of your CRM data to leverage your marketing investments

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